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vocals, recorders, nay, Bourbonnaise bagpipe, mandolin, kantele, foot tapping

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Ingried Boussaroque is an exceptional singer whose warm voice spans three octaves. She is an accomplished composer and arranger, and plays a wide variety of instruments, such as the kantele (the finnish harp), the piano and many types of flutes, just to name a few.

Ingried traveled the world to study different vocal techniques, from Arabic to flamenco, from gypsy to classical. She uses all these influences and colours to create her unique way of singing.

Many grants and awards have underlined her work. Recently in Scotland she received the Largs Trophy at the National Mòd 2016 for singing Gaelic songs with self-accompaniment on the kantele. A second gold was also awarded for Puirt-a-beul at the Barra Mòd. In Canada, she received regular funding from the Canada Council for the Arts, the Quebec Arts Council and the Montreal Arts Council. With her group “La Mandragore”, she received the Opus Awards as World Music Concert of the Year, and one of their album was nominated as “Album of the Year” at the prestigious ADISQ Gala.

One foot in Scotland, one foot in Quebec, Ingried travels a lot, touring her various projects, like the Montreal Souk d’érable and BOUSSAROQUE, or the Danish collaboration Duo’dragore.

She released a first solo album during the Autumn 2016, thanks to Quebec Arts Council funding. Her main project at the moment is the associated program of Gaelic and Quebec songs, which she presents in Europe and Canada. This project has evolved at the beginning of 2019 into the quartet BOUSSAROQUE. Along with Mario Giroux (cello), François Pelletier (strings) and Dominique Laguë (beatbox), this exciting new group plays a "urban trad" mixing various Celtic traditions.

Experienced teacher, Ingried has led numerous workshops all around the world, in addition to teaching groups and private students. She was invited to the Siglufjordur Folk Festival (Iceland) in 2013, as performer and guest speaker. She was also guest teacher at the Odense and Århus Conservatories (Denmark) during the 2014 Winter. She was the musical director of two Montreal choirs (Every Kid Choir and Every Singer Choir). She is regularly invited as voice teacher in the Cultural Center Georges-Vanier in Montreal. During the Autumn 2018, she created a workshop series called "The Joyful Voice", where numerous repertoires and topics are approached.

Ingried graduated in piano interpretation from the renowned Vincent d'Indy School of Music. She also plays numerous wind instruments and she has studied the nay with Sami Rizkallah and Dr. A. Jihad Racy.

Her voice teachers are numerous and inspiring, like Barbara Schlick (Germany) and Glenn Chambers (Paris) in classical technique, Chahrazed Helal (Tunisia) and Rima Khcheich (Lebanon) in Arabic repertoire, Christine Primrose and Kenna Campbell Kennedy (Scotland) in Gaelic singing, Brigitte Lesne and Catherine Schroeder (Paris) in medieval music, to name a few.


Quick overview


2018 Saltabraz Iter (France)
2016 Souk d'érable Solstice métis Malasartes (Canada)
2016 Ingried Boussaroque Islands (Canada-UK)
2015 La Mandragore Midgard Big Round Records (USA)
2012 Biobazar Ôbômkôntek Fidelio (Canada)
2011 Neä Sweet Factory (Canada)
2010 La Mandragore Convivencia Fidelio (Canada)
2005 La Mandragore Barbarossa Fidelio (Canada)
2002 St-James United Church Choir Noël à St-James (Canada)
2002 La Mandragore Gibraltar (Canada)
2001 La Mandragore Miracle! (Canada)
2000 Christ Church Choirs In dulci jubilo Atma
1996 Cirque du Soleil Quidam BMG


2016 Largs Trophy, National Mòd (Scotland)
2016 Gold medal, Barra Mòd (Scotland) - Puirt-a-beul
2016 CALQ: research & creation
2015 CALQ: professional development
2014 Concert Women Voices selected by the SAMS
2013 CALQ: Professional development
2013 CAM: project funding
2013 CAC: grant for professional musician
2013 Opus Award: « Concert of the Year, World Music»
2012 Musicaction: Album production & Marketing
2012 Concert Convivencia selected by the CAM on tour
2011 ADISQ: Convivencia nominated « Best album World Music »
2011 Musicaction: Album production & Marketing
2007 "Jeune Volontaire" funding
2007 KlezKanada: fellowship
2006 KlezKanada: fellowship

2003 CAC: Management & promo material funding
2002 NFB & Bravo!: videoclip funding

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