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Ingried's Solo Concerts and Projects
Intimate Concert WOMEN VOICES


Ingried Boussaroque, vocals, nay, flutes, mandoline, kantele, performance art


An exploration of the feminine universe, now and before, near and far. Reaching beyond musicological research and “traditional” music, Ingried embodies women of flesh and blood, full of passion and light in timeless roles of mother, daughter, sister, friend, lover, wife….A very personal journey through emotions and thoughtfulness. Ingried brings to light striking similarities between Medieval, Sefardic, Scandinavian, Gypsy, Celtic, Quebec, Arabic musical traditions. Along with singing, she plays a variety of old and traditional instruments.


Up to 75 minutes performances.

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Intimate Concert JOURNEY TO ALBA


Ingried Boussaroque, vocals, nay, flutes, mandoline, kantele, bagpipe


Ingried has spent the last four years in the mythical Isle of Barra, located in the Scottish Outer Hebrides. Through the wind and the salty air, she permeated this rich culture of music and legends. She learned Gaelic songs with renowned singers such as Christine Primrose and Kenna Campbell Kennedy. She also competed in the National Mód 2016 where she was awarded the Largs Trophy in the category “self-accompanied songs”. Enriched by this experience, Ingried has compiled a repertoire of Scottish and Quebec songs, of stories about sea, travel and immigration, about the multiple links that connect Barra to her own native island, Montreal.


In the intimate solo version of her concert, Ingried sings in Gaelic, French, English; she plays kantele, mandolin, a wide array of flutes and foot-tap. She tells stories and shares anecdotes, inviting the audience on a journey through time and space.

This concert can be presented with one or two guest musicians.


«A harmonious, barely instrumented, very personal song compilation focused on Scotland»

(Folker Magazine, Germany, about the album Islands)

«One of the discoveries of the festival»

(Living Tradition Magazine, UK, about Ingried’s concert at the TradFest festival, Edinburgh)

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Ancre 1

Photo: Lionel Lévêque

Workshop Series "THE JOYFUL VOICE"

(La voix heureuse)

Workshops open to all, no pre-requisite, except a certain fondness for singing.


EXPLORATION workshops:

To discover a new repertoire and sing together.

WELLNESS workshops:

More playful, focused on the voice, the body, the awareness between the participants, relaxation, pleasure, etc.

You can find the schedule of these workshops in MY CALENDAR.

Automn 2018:

Toolkit for singers

Medieval songs

Gaelic singing

Winter 2019:

Voice and relaxation

Women songs

Medieval songs

At the moment, all workshops are taking place at the Cultural Center Georges-Vanier (2450 Workman, Montreal)


Photo: André Chevrier



These activities can be presented in a version for the general public or for music students/fellow musicians.

They vary in length according to the attendance and the type of event.





ODD RHYTHMS, ODD MODES - expand your musical landscapes

NORTH TO SOUTH, traditional ways of singing

How to enrich your performance with traditional techniques

At first classically trained, Ingried has discovered new sides of her voice through other singing techniques that will be presented in the workshop. Depending on the length of the workshop and the students’ musical expertise, various subjects can be explored, such as :

- ornamentation

-musical modes

-different vocal techniques

-unusual rhythmics


The session is supported by a presentation of the appropriate repertoire and practical exercises.



Starting with a few medieval dances, Ingried takes you on a trip to the Balkans, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Scandinavia, England and Brittany. A fun and lively way to discover similarities in the way people dance around the world!



Among the scores to be presented :

- The Llibre Vermell of Montserrat

- The Cantigas de Santa Maria

- The Carmina Burana

- Songs of trouvères and troubadours

The historical context and the songs theme will be studied, as well as the manuscripts notation.The conference is supported by musical demonstration to which the audience is invited to join.



 A presentation of this visionary and mystical twelfth century woman, her writings, her life and her music, with a focus on her unique musical notation as well as the themes of her songs, transcriptions and ornamentation.

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